Our newest addition to our product line: Ready to eat, gourmet Indian curries and Biryanis. These take-home meals are flavoured with more aromatic spices commonly tasted in British and East-African cuisines. Each meal is perfectly spiced, while leaving your taste-buds tingling! 

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Made fresh daily: Roti (Chapati), Whole wheat roti, Spicy Paratha, Methi Paratha, and Naans. These traditional Indian flatbreads are usually eaten with curries but can also be used as a wrap. 

Cassava is a vegetable root grown in the heat o​f the tropics. It has many similarities to a potato and a captivating zest that's enjoyed with every chip!

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We import our own brand of bulk and 

pre-packaged spices. Only the highest quality of spices are packed in our brand. Resealable to maintain freshness and avoid the need to transfer the product in secondary containers. All sizes from 50 grams and up are available.

Our delicious samosas are one of the main foundations our company was built on. For over 20 years, we have been producing these fine quality samosas in 3 varieties: Vegetable, beef and chicken. Available fresh daily and in frozen packs. Place an order for your party today! 

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Plantain is commonly known as a vegetable-like banana. Plantain chips are a crunchy, tasty alternative to potato chips.​

Chevda is an indian snack food that is rice based. The flavour is spicy and tangy. Only the best quality ingredients are used in all 12 varieties of Chevdas. Our signature Deluxe Chevdas are made with rice, split gram, peanuts, almonds and cashews an Indian snack treasure!

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Exotic Fried Onions are a great topping for hamburgers, steaks, fried rice, mashed or baked potatoes and more! Fried Onions are also essential in Indian curries and biryanis. Use Fried Onions wherever chopping and frying onions is needed and save yourself the tears!

​Made fresh with no added flour.

Official distributors of the UK-based Palanquin Tea, which offers a wide range of teas that not only inspires your senses but offers a fascinating array of unique tastes, aromas and health-boosting benefits.

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